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Register Lebnani – Eligibility & registration guidelines for Lebanese citizenship

Claim your Lebanese Citizenship!

Am I Eligible?

  • Are you a father or grandfather who left Lebanon and did not register your children as citizens?
  • Did your grandfather, great-grandfather (or beyond) come from Lebanon originally?
  • Are you the foreign wife of a Lebanese man?

NOT SURE?                                                                                                           YES!

How do I register?

Yes, I believe I’m eligible for Lebanese citizenship, and I’m interested to learn more.

I want to know how to register for Lebanese nationality.
Register Lebnani is a non-profit initiative to assist Lebanese expatriates and descendents around the world in (re)claiming Lebanese citizenship for themselves and/or their family members over generations.

This site helps potential citizens learn if they are eligible for Lebanese citizenship. For those eligible, it provides all downloadable forms and instructions to submit their files to the Lebanese embassy in their country.

Further, Register Lebnani assists registrants in tracking the status and location of their citizenship file with public offices in Lebanon, in particularly offices concerned with personal records, registration of marriages and births, and preservation of Lebanese identity.

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